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House to House/Heart to Heart (HTH) is a FREE direct mail program made available by the Clinton church of Christ. The program features a bimonthly publication featuring attractive, sound, evangelistic articles. HTH is now distributed in 44 states and 5 foreign countries. Each issue contains six pages of sound evangelistic interior material that includes articles that encourage and exhort, material that helps and encourages families, and articles which reaffirm our commitment to Jesus and His Word.

The Magnolia Messenger is a brotherhood publication which we support and is overseen by the Elders of the Kosciusko church of Christ, Kosciusko, MS. 

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BENEVOLENCE – In response to continuing community needs, which have increased due to COVID-19, the congregation now provides food boxes for people who need assistance of this nature.  Please remember to submit names of individuals/families you know that are in need. 

The Gospel Broadcasting Network is a supported work which provides media productions for live TV, Youtube, Roku and more. 

Our support for the foreign mission work in Cuba has been ongoing for 30+ years. Each year, one or more of our Elders visit Cuba and conduct meetings to spread the gospel. 

We have supported Louis Rushmore (World Evangelism, Winona, MS) for a number of years. Louis makes regular trips abroad to multiple locations to preach the gospel.

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